Why do some people hate math?


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Impatience. Math takes a lot of time. Other subjects, it's a simple answer. Like psychology, history, English, etc. You just mainly just memorize text.  Math, you actually have to solve.

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It's a very hard subject.

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Impatience and our fast food, disposable lifestyle. People don't like having to work so hard.

I had a teacher once who told me that when it comes to math and science our brains are a muscle. The more you exercise it the stronger it would be. So, maybe in the first week I wasn't that fabulous, but the more I worked on it the easier it came for me. It was so true. Understanding that made a huge difference in my life. I no longer berated myself for not "getting it". It just took time and mental math/science exercise.

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I think all to often it is taught only one way, and not everyone thinks that way, making it difficult for many to understand. I happen to catch on quickly with math and I usually quit listening to the teacher trying to explain concepts to people as it just confused me. I think if we had smaller classrooms where there are less students teachers can better give each student the time and explanation they need to understand their lessons.

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because it is really really hard.

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I think a lot of it comes down to teachers and the way it is taught.  Never really made much sense in high school, but I squeaked thru.  Twenty years later went back to college algebra to stretch my mind.  Teacher was amazing.  Had I had him in hifgh school, I might have actually gone into engineering. 

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I had a similar experience...high school math C's and D's, got into college and all A's...
The teachers were so inspiring; I even remember their names, and that was back in 1962...Sergei Alexei and Roy Undem!
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Probably for the same reason I dislike English literature--- weird (technical type) concepts like iambic pentameter that I will never use in the future and a disproportionate amount of my high school time "wasted" in gaining sufficient proficiency in the subject to pass with a decent grade.

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