If you were going back in time to restart your education, knowing the things you know about the world these days, what would you go back and study?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

I would have studied the same thing, Information Technology, but, I would have started with IT.

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Maurice Korvo answered

Electronics... Wait.. I studied electronics and it was all vacuum tubes. The only thing that I would like to have studied is higher mathematics. Pretty well everything else is outdated

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PJ Stein answered

Architecture. I wasted so much time on other things and not even going to school, by the time I was ready to buckle down married life and lots of moving took over. 

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I would want to Be a lawyer. I love fighting with food stamps and workers comp and social security and I have won every time without Atty but its a long drawn battle and I hate all the injustice in criminal courts

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Charles Davis answered

I would go back and go to college to study electrical engineering, I'm good at electrical theory and the design of controls for machinery. But due to my parents religious beliefs, they felt it was wrong to educate myself further then high school, and in fact encouraged me to drop out because the world would not last long enough for me to even grow old.

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Didge Doo answered

There were no computers when I was young enough to go to college.  These days, my first choice would be IT.

Realistically the way to go would be accounting but I was never addicted to realism. I'd probably take a degree in communication and  journalism.

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DDX Project answered

Most likely the same. College is an important life decision, it's pretty stupid to go into it blindly. It was hard to do research back then, but today it takes like 10 seconds. Job outlook, average salary, job locations, company stocks, etc. Instead of flipping through reference books and almanacs like I did, People can use their GOOGLE-foo these days before they decide to spent 40k on a Psychology degree at the University of Phoenix or Heald College.

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RIK RZ answered

I have already thought about this due to my recent grades and i would make no changes at all because i already did those tests and know every answer

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Anonymous answered

have had involvement of both, spending from 11-16 at a non-public school and
16-18 at a state school. My involvement with the state school was fundamentally
superior to the one at the tuition based school. The environment in the
non-public school was one of lack of appreciation with understudies working
inspired by a paranoid fear of the instructors and not for their own advantages
or future, a considerable measure of the understudies were oblivious about what
cash implied and had innocent view of whatever is left of the world. (One
understudy trusted that Sweden had no instruction system http://www.EssayStar.co.uk ...Why, I
don't have the foggiest idea). They all depended on their folks. At the state
school I thought that it was fulfilling and by and large satisfying to be with
individuals who understood that by working you get some place in life. They
were so appreciative for everything, anxious to learn and fretted over their
instruction I learnt more over the most recent two years than in the initial 5
as the work ethos was such a great amount of better in the last school. This
isn't valid for all state and every single non-public school.

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