Is There a Magazine You Get Monthly?


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Yessssss! I get a magazine called "flare" monthly. Not because I really want it but because my niece was selling magazine subscriptions to raise money for her school. I didn't want freakin golf digest or soap opera something . At least flare has recipes I'll read and wanna make but probably won't , so aight :)

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Nope.  I used to get a CSIRO magazine every two months, but as I became older, I realised that I could find all the information on their website, which is free, and I also didn't have to wait two months to get it.

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Yup.  FOODNETWORK magazine!!! Subscriber for nearly 5 years!!!

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I usually follow a recipe pretty closely the first time. After that, I often adapt to in a way I think might be better.
Cookie Roma
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So true. There are many I've gotten from them that have become part of my regular offerings.

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