Many people think Linguistics (my field) is an absolutely boring field. Do you agree with this statement or not?


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Don't know enough about the field to render a firm opinion.  I imagine it could be interesting to some people.  I took some programming courses years ago and while many people love it, I thought it was boring.  I somehow doubt the excitement in the field rises to that of jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. 

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I studied linguistics and creative writing at university. I was more into the creative writing side of things initially, and only went with linguistics because I needed another subject to match creative writing with.

In the end it was surprisingly interesting. I enjoyed learning about phonetics, how people from different countries learn to produce phonemes differently, and how sounds are represented and transcribed.

I was also interested in language acquisition, and theories of how language might be an inherent concept we're born with, but learn to develop and vocalize as we grow.

I 'm also interested in the spread and change in language through history and cultures.

Although I didn't do much of it at university, these days I'm also super interested in natural language processing, and how computers can be programmed to understand and respond to human language and speech.

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My cousin wants to be in that field.

It sounds pretty fun to me the way he talks about it.

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Ally Gh
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It is indeed very interesting depite what many people think
RIK RZ commented
Could you explain more about it.
I wanna help my cousin
Ally Gh
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Sure. My field of expertise is Psycholinguistics which studies the relationship between the mind and language. There are so many sub-fields such as neuro-linguistics, socio-linguistics and so on. But you only choose such a specific field at the Phd or M.A level. I am doing my PhD right now. Your cousin will start with General Linguistics and after he learns the basics he will go to more epecific fields. It is an amazingly vast field of enquiry and I am fascinated by it.
I would say go for it
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I'm sure many people do. How do you feel about theoretical physics, or law, or needlepoint? Name any field, any pursuit, and it wouldn't be too hard to find those who are passionate about it, or those for whom it holds no allure at all. Nothing wrong with that. It's this diversity of interests that makes the world a fascinating place.

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