Is it stupid for someone who is in high school to want to take there passions in art and make it into there career? Because people keep saying I'm stupid, and that my career plans will never happen.


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Don't ever let anyone tell you your dreams are stupid. If it's your passion and you can make it work then GO FOR IT!

I'm a receptionist who is studying law while working on my passion to dance and act full time. I have a game plan and am acting on it but I also have something to fall back on just in case :D

Set your goal and work for it hun :D I wish you all the best!

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Matt Radiance answered

It is not stupid at all. This is something you want, isn't it ? You want this and you will get this. Choose your path with certainty and stick to it. This is the only way to make it work and the last thing you should care about is what others say or think about what you do or decide. Well, the bottom line is, it;s none of their business. No matter how close they could be to you. 

This is your life, your rules and your choices. If you have doubts, let it go, but if you believe in your path then,you have a purpose, stick to it, try hard for it, fight it and gain your confident on it day by day. That's why wanting something is one thing, how prepared are you for it's road and consequences is something else. If you want this, you need to make sacrifices, spend time and put efforts on it. You need to be strong and handle pressures. When everything gets tough, you get tougher, when there's a block, you break it, you need to teach yourself when something hard happens grieve and weakness is the luxury that you can't afford. 

You need to spend less reckless time and be organized firmly. Surround yourself with positive thoughts and people. Don't give up easily, don't get frustrated. Repeat,practice and repeat again. Remember doesn't matter how much you repeat a movement to make it happen "it only has to work once" and when it works, when you achieve it, you'll proud of yourself. And no matter how slow you might go forward, as long as you don't stop, you making a progress toward your future. Not getting disappointed easily is one of the crucial keys. 

And standing for what you want by all costs. One of the most important points for you to remember is you can not shut people's mouth. Society will be there, to talk about you, to point fingers at you, to rate you, to gossip you, to judge you, or even break you. The way you stand on your feet for what you want that makes you who you really are.

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Go for it. Art is such an important aspect of life, and can have many practical applications too... App design, advertising, fashion design, branding.

You can certainly pursue your passion in a purer form, and potentially make a good living out of it, but it's always wise to be sensible and try to hone your skills and open yourself up to opportunities that you're more likely to pay the bills with too.

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The problem with art is it is subjective. I have a son-in-law that is a graphic artist, and makes good money. However, if you want to make money in oil paintings, I doubt it will pay. I would  take courses in an area that will support you financially, and additional areas that will let you release you passions.

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It isn't stupid, but you have to be practical, too. There are lots of jobs out there that involve art and you should look at them all. Graphic arts is in demand and is used in anything from advertising to publishing. Talk to your school counselor about your options. There are quite a few in the field of art.

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