Do have to go to college to be an actor?


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No, but most do.

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Not necessarily. But it's one path to it. All you need is the talent.

1.It's an individual decision. For someone like me, *I believe factors like Music and Movie acting can't be taught. I hate someone teach me how i wanna act my talent or play the instrument that i own. You need to have it within your soul, you need to feel it and add your imagination into it,  if you can't. You should let go of it" no one can't tell you how to do/use a talent that you should've own from the first place* that's my belief about it. So it's up to the person.

2.But in the same time, however your belief be, being educated is not bad, it's a journey, an extra experience to add up, also a connection, when you pass the tasks and be educated, you can have better channels to put yourself into business and connect yourself to the officials and to those in charge to start to gain a name for yourself into the industry.

3.At the end, it's about talent, when you have it, when you work hard and show yourself, when you have it's courage and guts and bravery of posing in front of the camera and not scaring of the crowed around you and following what you want and show what you've made of, doesn't matter if you ever entered an acting related college. All it matters that you have a talent and it would be matter of time till someone in charge get their hands on you to offer you a start of your career. The rest of it would be up to you.

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No, but it is a good idea to go to college for a back up plan. Most actors don't make a living wage.

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