Have you ever gone to a high school reunion? What was it like?


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Nope. I didn't care for those people when I was there....and I don't care for the ones I've run into since.

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Yep. I went to my 10th and it was a total waste of time. The slackers were still slackers, the jocks were still jocks and the nerds were the rich ones.

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Ancient Hippy
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No one grew, they were all the same. It was like being in the high school cafeteria, only with booze.
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Ancient Hippy
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I thought more of them would have furthered their education, started families, established themselves in life, gone on to bigger and better things. Many of them were still living at home with their parents. My class was a very small in numbers. At the reunion, these guys did the same thing that we all did at high school parties, get plastered and act like idiots.
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I went to the 25th ... Won't go to the 30th, this year.

Everybody is still in the same cliques, with the same attitude towards people not in their clique.  The difference is that all the drug clique has died off - surprise.  Not.  The other difference is that all the jocks have gotten fat (except for 1 that went pro) - and since they can't compete now, they have to constantly remind everyone how good they were back in high school.

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I think I have gone to all mine. It is good to catch up with people. For me the ten year reunion was the most lame one. It was still people trying to fit into their cliques and trying to one up one another. By the time the 15th rolled around people were having kids of their own and realized all the clique stuff was a waste of time. Now most of my class are grandparents. Everyone now focuses on the joys in life.

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No. But my parents had one.

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