Can I learn to play violin by myself? I already play piano at a grade 8 level and can't pay for violin lessons. Thanks!


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Sure you can! I taught myself to play several instruments! If you have the ear for it, you can get the basics online I'm sure! Good luck!

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Angela is right . The hardest thing about learning the violin is you need to be able to tune the violin by ear and the fact that you have played piano I think would work in your favour. They are of course lots and lots of videos information on the Internet which would also be helpful and like most things in life if you really want to do it with enough effort and practice then this nothing stopping you .
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I have a lap harp I need to tune, so I use free online tuning forks. Here's a web page:
I use an app. They're also free and more versatile.
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You can if you're willing to put in the effort.

btw - there's no such thing as grade levels for music or art.

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There is ... but it's not based on age or grade or years you've played ... it's how well you can play complex pieces, and is more subjective than objective.

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