Can you explain to me in your own words what the Mayan reservoir water system is and how it works as well as the 5 w's of it?


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Amber, no one will do this project for you.  I have given you links and illustrations.  The point and purpose is for you to research, read, understand and write.  You can do this!  :)

Who?  It's the name of the people you're studying.

What?  It's the structure you're studying.

Where?  Look on maps to see where they lived.

When?  Look up when they built them. (It's in the link I gave you.)

Why?  Think about why people need water.  We use it for many things.

Believe in yourself.  You have the information you need.  We will guide you, help you with specific problems that have you stumped, and encourage you. 

We will not do the paper for you by answering such a broad question!  If we did that, we would ruin your education.  You won't be asking Who? What? Where? When? Why?  You'll only ask, "Do you want fries with that?"

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