What's your favorite word to insult someone with?


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Pomme head.

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I say that the most effective insults are custom tailored to the intended target(s), as are the best compliments. Agility of thought is an advantage. 

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Funny, I let you go a long time ago.

You're the one who keeps running back.

Chihuahuas are not "beneath" me. Like you, chihuahuas are one of God's many creatures.

To me, chihuahuas are cute with certain endearing features and some not so endearing, but in generally I like a large dog when I want to do some intellectual roughhousing.

To assign positives to you, I gave to go on one of my axioms about God---"God doesn't make junk."

But He hasn't chosen to explain you to me.

But then He did say that I don't yet understand how His justice and mercy apply in all hypothetical situations.

I guess He has His reasons for your continual engagement with me.
Call me Z
Call me Z commented
Let go, have you? Yet here you are, again, on my thread. Liar. You remain ever the buffoon.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
@ The Z

Interesting---I once suggested Dark that he could learn from how you handled yourself.

Now you would do well to remember how he disconnected.

However, you will no doubt be pleased (and probably quite relieved) that, aside from the occasional need to dispute either your position or your reasoning, I am officially confirming that I have let go.

After some reflection, I have found that you have inadvertently drawn the curtain back from in front of your wizard act so that the smoke and mirrors have been revealed.

To borrow from the song:

"I'm glad to go; I cannot tell a lie. So long, farewell Auf Weidersehen, goodbye.....Goodbye"

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