Why did America turn away from supporting the Vietnam war?


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Again my answer would very biased.

Protests against the Vietnam War - History Learning Site

The Antiwar Movement [ushistory.org]

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I'll pass Otis. Under other conditions, I would say what's on my mind but I can't.
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Oh i know u probably got spit on and cussed out. Not by me. But i beleive all wars should be fought like patton fought them take land and dont give it back!!!
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It was a politicians war. That should tell you the truth.
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Why were we in vietnam the first place everyone thought? It was the flower power age and the young movement had greatpower to protest. I support the troops but the war was another useless war i feel of washington d.c trying to change other countries and its not going to happen and people here know their wasting their time.

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