Who is your favourite historical figure?


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Ray Dart answered

Aircraftman T E Shaw. (Lawrence of Arabia)

His stories have been roundly trashed over recent years only for even more recent research/evidence to show that he was telling the truth all the time.

I suspect, though that he also takes some of the blame for the current mess in the Middle East.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

General George S. Patton !

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Ancient Hippy answered

Rocky Balboa. "Yo, Adrian".

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John McCann answered

Since Charles Robert Darwin has already been mentioned....,

Lucius Sergius Catiline

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Tom Jackson answered

Jesus Christ---Que hombre

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Tom  Jackson
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I will simply be removing sensitive details which may horrify the readers.

Observing you is not pretty site.
Tom  Jackson
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pun intended
Darik Majoren
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"I will simply be removing sensitive details which may horrify the readers." - Truth is often not welcome . . . most desire the world they create for themselves . . . it's comfortable.

"Observing you is not pretty site." - Hey, I am trying to eat right and I have upped my work outs to 4 times a week with hiking on the weekends . . I'm trying. ;)

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