what is 15/9 as a mixed number?


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1 3/5


1 7/10


= 1.666666667

==================So, the mixed number can vary according to round off.

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John McCann
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Tom  Jackson
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John McCann
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Assuming you are working in the same base 10 number system as I am, 15/9 = 1 and 2/3, not 1 and 3/5.

If you check your work with a calculator, 2/3 = 0.6666666666666667.

If you compare 1 and 3/5 to 1 and 2/3, you will see the problem.

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John McCann
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0.6 = 3/5, you innumerate buffoon.

0.66 = 33/50, you hack.

0.666 = 333/500, you wackaloon.

Need I go on. I assume you are working in base ignorant because my TI-84 fraction function tells me you are just shooting your inaccurate mouth again.

Perhaps you need to pray to jebus for a better understanding of mathematics.
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9 goes into 15 once -                          9/9 =1

this then leaves 6 of the original 15 - 6/9

so this is 1 and 6/9

or, to simplify divide by the highest common factor (which is 3), giving

1 and 2/3

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