can anyone tell me some point about meat consumption and health ? i need to write n essay plzzzzzzz help


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Here's a piece of recent research I read at the weekend. Men who eat a high proportion of chicken in their diet are statistically MUCH more likely to develop prostate cancer. Reasons as yet unclear.

Now all you need are lots more meat consumption/health related facts. Google is your friend. (But I'd take a look at:- sources of cholesterol, animal/saturated fats. B vitamins, necessary protein.)

You might even want to include something about campylobacter and salmonella - mainly (but not completely) relevant in developing countries.

Lastly, the (possible) effects of overuse of antibiotics and growth hormones.

If you and Google can't get an essay out of that I'll be very surprised.

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Hey. Here is an excerpt from my term paper about vegaterians, the work was written by experienced teachers from the service. In the end, I received the highest rating. I chose all the most important things for you. They will also be able to write you an essay.

How does meat consumption affect life expectancy?

If you add one serving of red meat weighing about three ounces (for example, a steak whose size is not more than a card deck) to a person’s diet consumed every day, the risk of premature death increased by 13%. If an additional daily portion of meat products was introduced, for example, a couple of bacon slices or one hot dog, this led to an increase in the risk of dying by as much as 20%. An Pan, the head of the study, who is a graduate student at the Harvard School of Public Health, argues that the risk of premature death increases absolutely any red meat that is eaten. The results of the study, anyone can find in the Archives of Internal Medicine. Another result of the study was the conclusion that replacing red meat with a number of other products significantly reduced potential mortality. Thus, among those who consumed nuts instead of pork and beef, the comparative mortality over the entire study period was lower by as much as 19%, among those who chose poultry meat or whole grains, this figure was 14% lower. The choice of legumes or low-fat dairy products made it possible to reduce mortality by 10%, and if the choice was made in favor of fish, by 7%. Earlier, scientists discovered a link between heart disease, cancer and diabetes with the consumption of red meat.

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