What is a word you dislike ? I personally dislike the word " fickle " cos it hurt my feelings even though it wasn't meant to.. I HATE IT so much.


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I hate the word moist. It just sounds so wrong.

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"Negativity" in particular "Can't"

There's a scene and phrase from one of my favorite series "Lost" a character called John Locke somewhere at the edge of his destiny being rejected and he screams "Don't tell me what i can't do" this also become his fight.

I have his spirit at this point, if i can't do something i'll accept, but i won't never let others force me and make me believe that i can't do something or anything, i can and i will! Humans are capable. Confident, believe, faith, repeat and do.

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Sunset ceremonies are great! anything related to sunset has a unique atmosphere cause it's Florida! the sunshine state! CA and FL are my top favorites! and well unfortunately i'm not ! I'm in LA right now ;p

Good couching ? so why don't you listen to me ;p ? despite you've been lazy all day, yet you need some good "night" rest, sleeping at night is another different story that human body needs it! and with no rest and having things to do over midnight, probably will attend work in the morning soon after ! you will face lack of sleep which is all side effect, so it's not much but two hour sleep can restore so many energy in you. be a good girl and listen to your couch coach ;p :)
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Reminds me of a line from an American Civil War song:
Hi-Yo! Down they go, there's no such word as "can't".
We'll ride clean down to Hell and Back for Ulysses Simpson Grant.
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That's a good one! glad to see you around Didge! i fairly could use some of your humor around! yup!
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Jaimie, you completely misinterpreted that word. "Fickle muse" was rather clever and quite nice.

But a word I hate? Checkmate! But only when my opponent says it. I  like saying it myself.

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No I did not didge :) I'm very much falling in love with the person who called me his fickle muse and I'm at home because of him on a Saturday night :) thank you for answering the "muse q" a woman we work with called me a fickle bitch "n" lover though and that's why I hate the word fickle now ... Way more then I'd ever wanna get into on this site....
The word " fickle is thrown around more than it should be in my circle.. I truly wish you're answer to my Q was the only answer of got ... Cos it made me and is sooo happy :) and it was real. .
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Anyway ... I'm letting the angry part go ... Thank you for the good "fickle " meaning :) it made me love him more ...
and I love him for his creativity and imagination he is like a fickle wind .. Playful and nice :) MINE !!! :)
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