What is something you really love to do? I have taken piano for six years and I marvel at how fast and well I play. How about you?


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Matt Radiance answered

I guess there's lots of things that i love to do but since you brought up the music well my two first passions in the world are soccer and drum. Both of them own a very unique particular world for me and well i love playing drum, i couldn't find any instrument as fun as drum, it's wide, it's huge and it's 100 % the soul of music, 99 % of each genres drum is there, Jazz, remove all the instruments and bring guitars, could be country ? Rock ? Heavy metal ? ! Anything! Drum is there anyway! The fun thing for me is writing notes somehow slows me down, it cuts my creativity, i mostly prefer to play and memorize instead of writing.

Wish you the best of luck with piano! It's a very peaceful one! I like it! Keep working on it :)

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I love to fly ! Been flying antique planes since I was 15 years old ! Haven't been up for a while and I can't wait to go again. Nothing like flying those old planes and seeing all the scenery above and below. I love it !

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👀  📺. 

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yes lol

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I love to cook, read, listen to music....and talk on the phone!

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