short essay on importance of time in students life?


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Time is valuable for every stage of life, but as you have asked for students life so it's too important because student should study according to the timetable than he/she can succeed in life.

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Unfortunately, time is of little importance in a Students/Teenagers life as we have all been there and no we were indestructible and would live forever during those years but time will one day become very important once one realizes each of us has only so many to live in (sorry to burst your bubble a few of my Blurtit friends but true). So as a Teenager/Student, it doesn't matter what gets done today as tomorrow will always come and go but will it with or without us, so Teens procrastinate , putting off til tomorrow or the last minute knowing they'll be around forever. The truth is none of us knows exactly how much time we have and whether our lives will be cut short as so happens to so many Teens, but living under Mom and Dads roof makes life so much easier, with no worries and who cares about time since they do that for us.  But Time is the most precious gift we all are given and we all need to utilize that time to its fullest and enjoy the reality of Life

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Your essay homework has been done for you. Copy and paste AW answer.

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Time is an inherently limited quantity.

It is the relationship of things that change.

It must be allocated in terms of goals.

...Keep going

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