Help me! Educational Background Check?

I lied on my resume about my education which I couldn't complete. I got hired and all was going well until my employer hired an external agency for employee background check. Now I, don't know what to do? I can't talk to anyone in the HR department as I'll be fired straight away if I came out.
Please help me! For heaven's sake, somebody please help me. I'm from India.


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There is nothing any of us can do for you, why would you even ask? You screwed up, now you may pay the price.

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Confess to the person who hired you. Asked for forgiveness and accept their decision.

Prepare a new truthful resume and be prepared to move on.

Lesson learned. 

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Well sucks for you, back to India you go.

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Danae Hitch answered

A job application is not the place to test your creative writing skills, as you have found out. This company could have had issues with this very problem which is why they are going back retroactively to see who has been lying on their application / resume.

It is only a matter of time before your lie is found out. You can go to HR and confess. Or you can wait until you are discovered and then try to explain why you lied.

Personal integrity is everything. The company that hires you has to be able to trust you. If you lied on your application, what else have you lied about while you were working for them?

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Walt O'Reagun answered

I'm wondering WHY your employer thinks they now need to do background checks on EXISTING employees.  Something must have happened, as very few employers do that.

To answer your question - you have 2 choices:

1 - You can sweat it out, and hope that if they find out ... You have been such a benefit to the company that they are willing to overlook it.

2 - You can go to HR and confess ... And hope you have been such a benefit to the company that they are willing to overlook it.

Of course - if the company doesn't have a written policy against lying on your application, you may be able to keep your job if you want to go to court over it.

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Enrol immediately in school to finish that part of your education.  Work flat out to finish as early as possible and get that diploma or certificate. Do this all your available hours by accessing night classes and correspondence.  Cancel your social life until it is done.

Then when Human Resourses gets to you, and they will, you will have more than unethical action to add to the conversation.

Then do TEN significant acts of kindness for NO money each month to replace your lying with something positive.  Do good in the world, and let something related to your acts of kindness become your volunteer work.

Maybe your company will keep you.  If not, you will have credentials and volunteer work to take to the next job.

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You shouldn't have lied.  However, not all "background checks" include education.  Sometimes it's to discover past crimes.  If it does come up, you have no choice but to tell the truth and accept the consequences.

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