In not more than 5 pages discuss the casestudy of preservation of ecosystem with their key points in any enviornment (city or country). using environmental issues, evidence and facts.(using animals or trees is ok)?


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Five pages? Hahahaha! I realize sometimes my answers are long, but there is no way I would give you five pages. Plus, I have already graduated and did so by doing my own work. That way when I got out into the real world I knew how to do things so I not only got a job and kept it, but got promoted quickly as well.

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I'll help you, I can possibly have an answer

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Ok  I'm on it.  Do you want the MLN format or some other format.  Is size 12 comic sans ok or should I use something else.  You didn't say anything about a bibliography, so I'll just add that on a separate page.  I can have this done by Sunday evening.  I hope that's not too late.

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