Are there any French language question sites like BlurtIt or Yahoo answers?


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Try googling "site de questions et réponses" and see what you get.

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I'm sure there are, but to participate, you'd have to be into garlic and cheese (or both). You'd have to understand that all health (good and bad) is related to your liver.  You'd have to dislike the British and hate the Americans. There's loads more......

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Ray Dart
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Ray Dart
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Finnish? That is the absolute end. :)
Phoebe Mertens
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Have two neighbors like that!
And they do hate the British, cause they think that English language is ruining Finland.

But they are so attatched to the US, no matter if I ask them if they would be comfortable in France rather than here.

What should I do? I Got a lot of hate and untolerance on another question site. I was even banned twice. I am not making this up.
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There are a few listed on this Quora answer:

Are there any Quora-like websites in French? - Quora

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