What do you believe the role of the art/artist of the future to be?


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Dear Anon,

I don't think the role of true art/artists is going to change in the future, at least not in the sense of visually expressing the beauty (and horror) within humankind, for all to see...and ideally we would all participate in creating art, in our own way...

* * *

For example: The Impressionists have been described by Jungian analyst Marion Woodman as "painting the light in matter"...then forty years later Albert Einstein and company devloping the revolutionary science leading to the idea that all matter is made of light (or energy, if you will).

Or, the eighteenth century movement THE AGE OF REASON, the enlightened 'man'...the problem of existence solved by reason - until by the twentieth century the world blew up into massive wars... And Picasso and others painting distorted people with eyes and limbs all out of place.

The role of art will continue to be to look at our (often rejected) inner collective for healing, as it always has been..(to include the art of cooking too!).

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