Is it true that if you are not excellent with writing research papers throughout your entire education, your employer will fire you?


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Yes and No

If writing research papers is your job you can't stay at the job and not know how to do it.

Take more classes, to improve your research writing skills. 

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It is true that many technically oriented people who are classified as highly concrete thinkers are not good at producing written output.

And generally speaking, abstract thinkers like lawyers and authors have little problem producing written output and research papers, they tend not to be very good (naturally) in architecture or construction.

It's not about choosing which category your are in, it's about two types of gifts that researchers have found can be identified in people.

Employers tend to hire people for what they can do---not what they can't do.

Otherwise, they wouldn't be in business for very long.

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Unless a big part of your actual job involves writing research papers ... Why would an employer fire you?  You'll be fired if don't do your job.  Your boss isn't going to look back into your school history for the most part.

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Well, as for me I need more information about your job. What exactly do you do?  I think if that employer gave you the job and it was important to have good writing skills there, so he/should have checked it on the job interview.  So, imagine you are a journalist. Having good writing skills is the most essential part in it. But, if you are talking about minor tasks, as to write one paper on the general topic, I may suggest you go to "Marvelous-Essay".  It is a website that I have checked personally and recommend everybody who is facing the trouble with their writing.

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