what is emotional development of one's personality?


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I read that numerous factors go into shaping our personality. Among them are our social status and our economic situation, our environment, our culture, our parents, our associates, and our religious background. Even the television programs and movies we watch, as well as other forms of entertainment, leave their mark. Recognizing things that exercise negative influences on our personality places us in a better position to minimize their effect.

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We are a product of the big three.

  1. Genetics - Predisposed to carrying forth many traits our parents had and carried forward from their parents.
  2. Environment - The food/water you ate/drank, air/gas you breathed, and even the light and other invisible forces that acted upon your body to mutate this, cause a neuron pathway or disruption in your brain.
  3. Experiences - Both traumatic, and nurturing experiences help to create pathways and balance out chemical reactions in your brain.

All of these work together to achieve the consciousness you posses right now . . . Your personality is your outward portrayal of these things that make up you . . . Minus the ones you keep in your subconscious or hidden from those around you.

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