1.A company is upgrading its computer system. Your friend is worried that they may lose their job as a result. Write a note to them, outlining some of the possible advantages to them arising from the upgrade?


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Advantages might include:

The upgrade may make their job easier to do/more interesting

By learning new skills to do with the new system, staff may be able to improve their job prospects

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Training: people might need to be trained to use the new hardware and software. If they can’t learn these new skills, they might end up without a job.
Productivity: using a computer, more work can be achieved in less time by fewer people.
Working from home: people no longer need to commute into a large city to work in an office with other employees.
New jobs: although some jobs have disappeared through introducing new technologies, whole new industries have been created in order to build, maintain, write software and provide support and training related to IT.

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