How to manage with the college assignments? I have many hobbies and I really do not spend much of the time in the social networks. What are the tips for the time management?


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Well it's really good that you care about your hobbies. Education needs hobbies as well! It keeps your mind fresh and energized. But you need to put priorities. When you accept or find yourself with heavier work, means heavier responsibility, and you must respond to this responsibility in a positive way.

The first thing you must do for managing time is to reduce your hobbies. It's difficult but you have to. If you do not do that, you'll fail to manage the time no matter how hard you try. Right now you have one priority. Finalize your education year with acceptable results. And by your description i can tell you have lots of things to make done.

Keep the most effective hobbies one or two. Then remove the rest out of your daily life. Put the time and effort on your assignments.

Be organized (no ramble anymore) set up your day's plan each day by the morning (an exact plan). Sleep on time and wake up on time (sleep max 10 PM wake up max 8 AM) reduce your hobbies (keep one or two the most effective ones). Put more time on education (focus) be on time (do what you planed to do, don't send today's job to tomorrow) make sure to always have a clock with you (be aware of the time) split your study and researches into positive sides. (so important, almost important and not that important) first study or do very important subjects and follow the order. This way you win. Even if you don't get enough time to study or research everything. You already got the most important points so you'll get higher chance at the end.

Good Luck.

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I would be happy to help. wish you every success. but yes! you might force to do that. unfortunately regardless of education programs. everything we choose to achieve in any category, if we want to be successful. "Sacrifices" is one of the necessary keys.
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David, you don't have too say no as much as put off some of your hobbies to your school breaks. Then let lose. It isn't going to be any better once you graduate, because your job will take up your time.
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Unless you can find a job that involves one of your hobbies. There is a lot of truth in finding a job that you are passionate about and you will never have to work a day in your life.
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You could try creating a timetable, where you set aside time to work on your assignments, and do your hobbies.

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Good idea. I appreciate it. I have such a thing. But the hard in it is to identify what is urgent what I can postpone.
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One way you could do that is to use the deadlines for the assignments - do the ones with the closest deadlines first, and the ones you have more time to complete until later
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Time is a limited resource.  Prioritize what you need to focus on in order to finish college with enough knowledge to command a decent income.

Some of your extracurricular activities may have to take a back seat for the short term, but allow some time for fun in your life.

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