I am an International student. Sometimes I don't know how to say this or that. I really would like to ask locals how to say some things in English. Can anyone give me some advices about how to make local people teach me how to say one thing? I feel shamed sometimes.


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Cindy Lou answered

You can't make anyone teach you something but you can ask them to. English speakers are more than willing to help anyone if you just ask. Don't be embarrassed or ashamed ever because English is really a tricky language.

Meanwhile, watch lots of English movies to get some of the phrases and unusual wording. Try and find someone you know rather well and just ask them, "Could  you please help me with my English with some things I may not understand?" and they will say, "Yes, sure". Then, whenever you see or hear something you don't understand, just write it down and ask them about it when you see them.

Maybe you can find someone who will meet with you for an hour a week to go over your questions and practice English with you.

I have a friend in Iran who emails me and asks me certain questions and he also asks me to correct his spelling and grammar or point out things he should word differently. He was not ashamed to ask.

If you want to learn English you will have to want it so bad that you will ask anyone you can. Don't worry about what they think-just worry about your goal of learning English.

Good luck and keep at it and don't get discouraged. Even English speakers have a hard time.

Feel free to join in with us on this site and answer questions with us and we can help you here too. We give some funny answers (with serious ones as well)  and that will teach you the humor in English.

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Google translate.... I'm just kidding. Sometimes some churches offer free English classes. When my parents came from China to Canada, they barely knew a word in English! But when they started school, they found someone who taught English and now, she is my Canadian Grandparents! But don't be afraid to ask here and there. If you never try, you'll never know.

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Years ago when i was in Germany and didn't know how to say something in that language, I would say:  Entschuldigen Sie. Wie sagt man im Deutch,________________.  (Excuse me, how do you say _________in German)

This worked very well.  I occasionally meet someone who did not know English, but most did.

Should work here as well.

We like the fact that you want to learn out language---nothing to be ashamed of there.

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