Is it possible to get F grade in college even though I attended all classes?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

Absolutely. Showing up isn't counted toward your grade. It's just expected.

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Danae Hitch
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Oh come on, Corey! I showed up. I sat down in the chair. I even pulled out a notebook to take notes. The fact that I had my laptop open and I was perusing Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram should have nothing to do with it!
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Matt Radiance answered

Showing up is a duty. You signed. It's your duty to show up. It's expected.

The quality of your grades will be judged by how you perform the subjects, lessons and tests. If you pay attention, study well, cope with possible stresses and represent the questions/ tests and projects nicely, you'll get high score, if not you'll get low score and yes maybe a F.

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Cookie Roma answered

Sure.  If you haven't learned the subject

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KB Baldwin answered

I did it.  Not all that difficult

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Nealious James answered

there! If you are a fool, it will be possible for you to get F grades in all
aspects of life, not just at school! Attending all classes doesn’t always mean
that one is studying, does it?! As a responsible individual you will have to be
serious with your homework, revision and so on. Passing or failing will both be
up to you. Good luck!

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Leesa Johnson answered

Yes, If you haven't studied well just attending the classes for show off.

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