What is a good, reasonable amount of money for a teen to spend on school clothing? Just to start off, not necessarily the whole year, exept for shoes and jeans.


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$100-$150- because I know how hard it is to find good deals on shoes and jeans that.. You'll actually wear, but I believe that you can. Try aeropostale jeans, thrift store tees/shirts (here's your chance to DIY), and Tuesday Shoesday on Charlotte Russe. Also, Burlington coat factory if you know how to find a good bargain! Good luck ❤❤❤

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What's the difference between school clothes and normal clothes if you don't have a uniform?

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Where you live is going to be a factor. Northern climates need jackets and  sweaters. I live in Florida so if you need a new jacket or sweater, you can wait for Christmas. I live where there is a uniform stlye dress code. So 5 pairs of shorts and  5/6 new tops should get you started. School starts Monday here and it is in the 90s. Many of the schools have open hallways so you are changing classes in the heat.

You can get a decent pair of shorts for $20-$30 so average them at $25 , times 5 pairs, that is $125.  Shirts have to be polo or oxford style and you can get those for $20 up to $50 for some designer brands, but lets go with $30 for a good quality brand. 5 x $30 is $150. add the two together and you have $275.

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