What were some things that you collected when you were young, and why?


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I collected rocks of any size, shape or color. I was always walking with my eyes on the ground. I also collected baseball cards and Matchbox cars.

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Ancient Hippy
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I still have boxes and crates full of rocks. They've moved from house to house throughout the years. Maybe I'll use them to pave another driveway to my house.
Yin And Yang
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What was your favorites? The ones who always caught your eyes?
Ancient Hippy
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Anything with color or crystals caught my eye. I always found arrow heads out in the farm fields too.
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Dear Roy Roy,

For some unknown reason I loved baseball cards - were they with bubble gum or something? In 1952 I was a second-grader; Mickey Mantle, Leo Durocher, Joe DiMaggio, Yogi Berra, Wondrous Willie Mays...and if I still had this one of Hoyt Wilhelm, it could be worth $1,399!

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Mostly rocks and pulp science fiction magazines - Amazing, Astounding, that sort of things.  When I left for the Navy my unlabeled, unsorted, and heavy rock collection was tossed by the step mother.  That was alright, but the 40's and 50's pulp SF was also tossed and that was a crime.  She did it just out of spite.  My own fault - I knew what she was. 

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Flowers, colorful leaves.

I have lots and lots of old phone books filled with pressed dried flowers of all kinds, large and small and I started collecting them as a child.

I make home made greeting cards and art projects from them. Some are framed.

If they're roses, I hang them upside down to dry and then dip them in melted wax to preserve them.

I am running out of room for them though.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

I collected this whole set of Mars Attacks cards in the early 60's. Saw a set get sold on Ebay for $6000.00 a while back. Pretty gnarly for their day.

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I collected rocks and stickers! :0)

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Anna Levi answered

When I was young I loved collecting rocks, shells and pieces of sea glass! I still enjoy collecting those, but I collect crystals and fossils now too. The best one I have at the moment is a fragment of mammoth tusk :)

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Ancient Hippy
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I lived in farm country when I was a kid and after spring plowing was done, I'd walk miles a day in those fields looking for rocks, arrow heads and fossils. Making discoveries was so much fun.
Anna Levi
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That sounds amazing! Luck you :)
Anna Levi
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pogs, rocks, dinosaur figures, yu-gi-oh cards, pokemon cards, nail polish, earrings, cd's, posters from my favorite bands, pencil points, animal stickers and some more I forgot. Wew I was a busy bee

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