What has someone said to you that you can never forget?


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I remember clear as a bell, when I was 16, sitting at the kitchen table and my father telling me he had cancer.

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From my deceased mom to her 17yr daughter, for forgetting to say hello one morning as I was on my way to school as she pressed her .357 Magnum to my temple (one of many times from age 11-17), (the last) "I'll blow your [email protected]#$%^&*/=÷ brains out, you +×÷=/<[email protected]#$, mf, you @!#$%+×÷=/ worthless b, I rule this mf @@#$%=÷@@#$, don't you ever get up in my house and forget to say "Good Morning" to me, I blow you mf away, as she pressed the .357 harder into my temple above my left eye. I'll be waiting on you this evening to see what your b-ass will say in my house. (In front of 10-15 of her thug family, her thug friends and her husband she would later shoot ) She went on for 15-20 min, as I left for school.

I left her home, never to return and couple years later the state, (over 40 years) I saw her 8 months before she died.

She didn't ask for forgiveness and none was given.

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Bikergirl Anonymous
What a disturbing story .. rattles me to the bone, speaking as a mother and a daughter. I am at a loss for words (which doesn't happen very often) .. I can only imagine the life you endured as a child. I wish I could find the words that could offer you more comfort than this ... However, what I can say is .. Although I admittedly don't know you very well, just from the few encounters we have shared here on this forum, what i can offer you is an observation. From what I can gather is, even with your disappointing family history, you are an intelligent, kind and compassionate individual who, even though has experienced unspeakable disappointment and pain in your lifetime, are working towards being a good solid human being and have a lot to offer this world.

For that I commend you.

Something else I can offer you is ... a huge cyber hug.
Veronica Dultry
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So sorry, Jan.
KB Baldwin
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That is truly horrible!
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It was more about what wasn't said. Anywho, my wife of 12 years divorced me but didn't even tell me. Now, some of you might be thinking that I did something to deserve this. All I did was get sick. There was no abuse of any kind.

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" suck it up princess. Life's not a fairytale. If you lose your shoe at midnight you're drunk. " my best friend said that to me :/ he's a jerk , but an honest one ... He's awesome.

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My Dad passed away in 1987 and my best friend told me she wouldn't be able to come to the funeral home that evening because it was her swim club night.

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On the day my son moved out, he'd been busy all day. He had all of his stuff and had left. I was feeling sad, and was wondering if he'd left for good. That evening he came back and spent time with my daughter. He then came into the living room and talked to us for a while, just visiting. As he was leaving, he hugged me, and shook his father's hand, he thanked us for giving him a wonderful life. He then told us how much he appreciated us and all we had done. Then with tears he told us he loved us, and then he was gone.

I was never more proud of our son as I was at that moment. We realized that we had not only launched a man, but we had raised a caring, respectful, classy human being. :)

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Jann Nikka
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Hi, I cry😢 for two reason one I'm so very very very very very happy for you and your husband 💑 beautiful story and living son🤗.
2nd for myself, I did my absolute best for my ex-husband and my 4 children. Only my deceased 😳son thanked me many many times, spent quality time with me and appreciated me for doing my best.
Skip  Gentry
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How very sweet!
Danae Hitch
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Dragonfly - such a sweet story! Thanks for sharing this. I'm pretty sure I would be in a puddle of tears after this!
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I've been really moved by a lot of the answers here. This isn't nearly as serious as some of the other answers, but I remember my history teacher saying to me once (while I was reading something out in class) "Oh sorry Anna, someone dropped a pencil and drowned you out. Could you start again?"

I was a very quiet and reserved student, and I don't mind being asked to speak up, but I thought that was rather rude of him to say. It was about 5-6 years ago now, but I remember it very clearly

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Mr Cogburn : I'm sorry to tell you this but you'll never fly again. As a safety risk to you and others. There is nothing we can do to help you.

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Tom  Jackson
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"Some" of the "whys" are evident.
KB Baldwin
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Also, Tom, during most of our evolutionary history Roster wouldn't have had to worry about tooth decay because he would be dead by 40.
Tom  Jackson
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And I saw something the other day about most of the Amish losing their teeth in their twenties. (I hesitate to post this because I can't reference the source, but anyone interested at the moment can pursue the comment..)

I also heard (saw?) this the other day, but I could easily reference this one: "Why caveman didn't actually die young."

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I have good and I have bad.

The bad...

My brother called me and said, "Everything is ok, but you need to sit down. Are you sitting down?"  Me, "Yes." Brother, "Dad had a heart attack. He is doing fine now, but has to have surgery tomorrow."

The good....

I was 12 or so an only giving about half an effort in school and my mother was so angry with me. She grabbed my arm to get me to focus and said, "You are so smart you can do ANYTHING! If you want to be president, YOU could be president!" I had heard people say things like that before, but it always came across as something people tell every kid trying to get them to do better. This time I understood she really meant it.

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"On November 4, 1956, Soviet tanks rolled into Budapest to crush, once and for all, the Hungarian national uprising."

I was eleven.  I was in the kitchen getting something to drink. My dad was sitting at the kitchen table.  He unfolded the paper and said:  "This means war."

(The headline was "Russia invades Hungary" in big bold black letters.)

His tone of voice implied a simple, unavoidable, absolute catastrophe.

I went cold.

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I have my positives and negatives.

When i was like 13-14 years old. My father said: You are inept, incapable, you can't never do something right and you'll be no one.

(I'm a king of positivity, i won't never let this effect me however at that moment, for weeks i was questioning myself about it, then promised myself to prove it wrong)

(I have more positives and negatives in different occasions which i won't and can't forget them, but since i want to only share one from each, i wanna use this opportunity to give a special thanks to two members on here)

Just at the moment when i was having that little gab to doubt myself, these two lifted me up with their supportive words and positive ideas which pushed me forward. Sin and Angela helped me to continue harder and develop who i am. I can't never forget these words at such moment. And i can't never thank them enough.

Thank you Sin - Thank you Angela - Thank you :)

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Danae Hitch
Danae Hitch commented
(((Hugs))) to you, Matt. You are truly an awesome person. Thanks for sharing.
Darik Majoren
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Matt you always continue to astound me in the most delightful of ways. I wouldn't change a thing about you (Only have you move closer so we can binge watch Horror movies together), and I always look forward to your questions and comments.
My Predator Tank top arrived the other day and I thought "Matt would like the graphic on this one."
Cheers my good friend.
Matt Radiance
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@Jan, Thanks :)
@Tom, thank you for your explanations, it was thoughtful and i liked it. i'll take your advises. :)
@Danae, Thank you :)
@Dark, thank you so much, that's so nice of you. this means a lot. and it's my honor to be counted as your friend :)

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