Question about Number Sequences

Find the a(n).

please solve the problem.


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Dear Yudai,

We promised to give you good answers if we could...although I love math homework (and was fairly good at it back in the day), this one I do not feel confident.

But I may play with it a bit, and if any lights come on I will come back and post again.

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Yudai Japanese person
Thank you very much.I'm not sure this probrem can be solved or not.......
Virginia Lou
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The one thing I am sure you already is a quadratic equation, so you could factor it into [a(n)+3] [a(n)+2]=

But I do not know where to go from there.
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I should know but I was never good at number sequences but I'll try 

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Virginia Lou
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Austin I was you think this could be related to factoring a quadratic?
Austin Jones
Austin Jones commented
Probably but I can't say for sure I haven't seen a question like this since algebra

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