What's The Difference Between A Story And A Play?


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If by "story" you mean novel, the main difference between a novel and a play is form. A story is actually the sequence of events (or what happens), so both a novel and a play will have a story.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Novel?
  • Written in prose
  • Story is made up of a beginning, middle and end (unless the novel is literary fiction, which tends to place less emphasis on plot)
  • Usually divided into chapters
  • Over 40,000 words (although this has varied over the centuries).
  • Intended to be read rather than performed

What Are The Characteristics Of A Play Or Drama?
  • Consists of dialogue and stage directions, and no literary prose.
  • Usually divided into acts and scenes
  • Can be any length
  • Written to be performed and watched
  • Predates the novel
  • Has its roots in Ancient Greece

So, essentially, you read a novel and you watch a play. You can read a play too, obviously - you'll have probably read some Shakespeare at school - but the form is intended to be performed.

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A play was written as a script and it contains blocking. It was created to be viewed. A story has dialogue but not through the entire story. A story is meant to be told, not acted out.
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A play you act out.
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A play usually is only written in dialogue with stage directions, just in case you don't get my meaning, they have just the actors lines and stage directions in between. Sorry, not trying to make anyone feel like they're stupid, just making sure you understand...

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