Hey guys! I'm writing an essay and I need some help finding logic in why you want to bring your non service dog into retail stores. Got any ideas?


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I do.

The other day I had to take my dog to get her nails clipped at PetSmart. The store is right next to a Lowe's store. I needed a few things at Lowe's but had to take my dog all the way home and go back to Lowe's. It would have been more convenient and I would have saved some gas if I could have taken her into Lowe's with me right after I got her nails clipped.

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Cool, thanks 😀
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You're welcome Chewed, good luck with the essay.
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I have a dog that is a rescue. He suffers from separation anxiety, so leaving him at home alone is not really an option. He is well behaved in public, as is my other dog, and they love people. So I take them when  can.

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Inclement weather always works.

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