Who's quote is this ? Liberty is Never unalienable; it must be redeemed regularly with the blood of patriots or it Always vanishes ! From a great writer.


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A grand quote that deserves to come from one of history's great statesman but, in fact, was from Robert Heinlein. He was a clever bugger.

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I'm pretty sure Kanye West said that march of 2015 ... Do I win a prize ??? :p edit : I forget the question now but didge just pointed out my account could be deleted cod of my answer :( so I'm claiming the right to post a religious view so you can't delete me then .. Halla freaken loo yaaa and all that jazz ... And a Jesus song by Kanye :p its actually an awesome song :) I've loved it for years even though I don't believe in that garbage  ... I'm lost on what I'm answering but that's fine 

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