the role of mathematics in business studies?


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Didge Doo answered

It helps to be able to count the profits.

It helps even more if you can count it in such a way that the tax man doesn't now you've got it.

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Ray Dart answered

I did HNC Business studies (around "*%^ years ago). There was very little actual maths** in the course - BUT I did need fairly good maths qualifications to make the course in the first place.

** There were P&L accounts and general accountancy, but that was usually just arithmetic, and understanding, rather than actual maths.

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It helps to count the money, measure the amount of ingredients required to cook food. :)

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Tom Jackson answered

'Imagine it’s your job to put together this season’s schedule for your favorite Major League Baseball team. Before you decide that’s an easy job, consider these rules: Your team has to play 81 games at home and 81 games on the road. It has to play each of the teams in its division 19 times. And don’t forget travel -- you can’t have your team flying from the East Coast to the West Coast every other day.

Complex problems like this come up all the time. Operations research analysts find ways to solve them. Their work is used by managers in all sorts of industries, whether the goal is to schedule airline pilots to prevent dangerous fatigue or time traffic lights to prevent congestion."

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