Tomorrow, November 11, at 11AM can you give two minutes of your life to remember those who Gave Their Lives for you? Stop working, texting, talking, shopping for two minutes to say thanks. Remembrance Day Veterans Day


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Skip Gentry answered

Yes, I can do that, and most definitely will.

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Rooster Cogburn , Rooster Cogburn, answered

Of course I will ! Being a Veteran? Veteran's Day means a lot to me. I'll probably go over to the VFW hall and have a beer with old comrades and remember the past and salute the present !

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Virginia Lou answered

Hi Korvo One,

I came of age in the Vietnam era... And truthfully, there is no day goes by when I do not think of the soldiers.

And yes, since you so thoughtfully mention 11 AM, I will be sure to do so at that time, I will do special prayers then.

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Ancient Hippy answered

11/11 at 11AM.

It's a great day to remember those that gave their lives. I will definitely pause and think of them.

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Maurice Korvo answered

I am heartened by the positive replies to this question.  It is something we all must continue to do, Sorry I cannot reply to each person, I cannot think of what to say.

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Tom Jackson answered


Now that Trump is going to be president, we need to be even more aware of the values we hold dear---since I expect a number of them are going to be under attack over the next 4 years.

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