What do you think if there are loads of children who can't continue their study because of poverty ? and they're forced to work hard because they need to earn money to eat. Are they worth to be helped ? and why?


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1) I think mass starvation is a sad reality of this world.  2) Certainly.  3) Thinking otherwise is inhuman.

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It happens in many countries where hard labor and money rule over education

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Of course they are worth the effort to help them. It's a sad, sad world when countries will spend billions of dollars on war instead of feeding and education the world's citizens.

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It already exists .. And it IS heartbreaking... And what compromises the support gathered for this cause is the corruption of the charities that collect funds for them.

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What do you think if me.. as a student conduct fundraising for those kids? It contains less politic and i prolly less or no corruption because i'll start with small numbers of people.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Privately .. Nothing wrong with fund raising if you can assure 100% of the collected funds goes to the ones it is designated to. Remember if this is something that you want to do for people on your own community, you don't have to just collect money .. you can collect clothing, food Irma, shoes, toiletries, books .. and so much more to give to those in need.
Bikergirl Anonymous
Sorry .. that should say "food items"

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