"Do geese see God?"  is a palindrome. That is, it reads the same backward as forward. What's your favourite palindrome?


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Wow! All I could come up with was boob!

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Go hang a salami!

I'm a lasagna hog!

EDIT: On second thought, that doesn't say the same thing. How about... 

Sit on a potato pan otis.

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Didge Doo
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The double gives it a new twist, doesn't it! I hadn't thought of that angle. And I hope Otis comes along and find the second one. Clever, Mountain Man. :)
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Here's one that I found:

Doc, Note: I Dissent. A Fast Never Prevents A Fatness. I Diet On Cod.It has 52 letters and is made of 13 words

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Hi Didge,

This has been my favourite palindrome ever since I found it about two years ago now:


Since coming upon that one, however, I have suffered from aibohphobia, and thus had to stop looking at palindromes. 
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Didge Doo
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My goodness, I hope they took precautions, Virginia.

I agree, it is wort remembering. I'll add it to my As file, along with aibohphobia which is brilliant. Wonder who dreamed THAT one up. :)
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Concerning de Lesseps

A man, a plan, a canal, Panama

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This is one of the clever ones, Ray. I can never remember de Lesseps' name -- which probably defeats the purpose of the palindrome. :(
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I can never tell which questions are going to work. Some that I like are virtually ignored; others, that seem too ordinary, get lots of answers.
Ancient Hippy
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Great question Didge. Sometimes you need simple questions for my simple mind.
Didge Doo
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Simple? Yeah, right!

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