bob chooses 15 downloads for $19.75, Jim chooses 40 downloads for $43.50. What is the registration fee, and what is the cost of each download?


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15 downloads for $19.75 is stated this way in equation form:

15*(cost of each download) + (Registration Fee) = $19.75 or:

15*(x) + F = 19.75 or 15x + F = 19.75

In a similar way, 40 downloads for $43.50 is stated:

40(x) + F = 43.50

Where the "cost of each download"is x and where the registration fee is F and both are the same for both Bob and Jim.

Treat those two equations as a system of equations and solve for both x and F and you will get your answer.

Comment if you need more help.

(Just to give you a ball park figure, the cost per download is not over a dollar.)

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Virginia Lou
Virginia Lou commented
I looked at this, couldn't quite wrap around it I think it was late...
good for you...
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
I actually did this three times before I got the right answer. The equations were immediate, but I was trying to do too much in my head and screwed up in actually substituting and solving them.
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You should work out your own answer for homework. There's a lot of examples in your math book. Try working some and you will find your answer.

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Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
Never saw a math book with "hundreds" of answer to such problems.

The most I have ever seen is 42.
Jann Nikka
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Whatever Tom 😝. I'll take the high ground and let you argue with yourself. Continue to post 😲.
Tom  Jackson
Tom Jackson commented
High ground is relative.

I'm usually looking up, but I can look down when you want me to watch you chugging along.

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