No school for two weeks. What should I do?


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Mountain Man answered

Enjoy it. If you find yourself starting to get bored, you can hang with us.

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PJ Stein answered

You can come to my house and help me clean and cook. I have 20-24 people coming over for Christmas dinner. I have another dinner I need to attend on the 23rd. I have an annual football game and gathering afterwards on the 24th. I have to bake pies and cookies before then. And I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow.

If you don't want to do that, find a place that is looking for volunteers and help them.

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Ray Dart answered

You could learn the ancient art of Dwile Flonking.

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Gokula krishnan answered

You can help poors and animals by giving food as their christmas gift by doing so you can have a place in their hearts and in heaven.

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Pepper pot answered

Run down a hill screaming "Freedom!" Meet up with friends and go swimming,  pitch and putt, bowling, or just to hang out. Go out on your bike.  Make Christmas cards. Take your dog or someone's dog for a walk. Go and look at all the Christmas lights. See where your closest Christmas market is. Have a game of cards with someone (many to learn and choose from). Play a board game. This is Christmas a time to be with the people you love and do things or play things you wouldn't often do for the rest of the year.

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