Do grades actually help? Are they beneficial to students?


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Is that a trick question?

Grades reflect the concept of knowledge and learned skills. A 'teaching/learning' institute must have some method of gaging just how much a student has learned or IF the student has learned anything at all, to know they have gained the knowledge offered to them, and to prove that they are ready to move forward ...whether that means to a higher grade or even out into the 'real' world.

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It's really tricky. I think the problem is that every child and every person is another learning type. So if you are a haptic type the school system as it is now is not the best so won't be the grades.

It's all connected. It depends on how the teachers are working and giving grades.

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Yes, the grades shows your knowledge but sometimes the students just learn the lesson to score good grades in academics without understanding it. That's not good for students. Students should have the knowledge of their subjects beside running to get good grades only. If you are having the knowlege you can easily get good grades.

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