Is year round education a good idea for student learning?


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If they keep giving more and more time off for Christmas, Spring Break, (or Easter) couple of weeks before exams, more time in the fall.  Will not be long before summer holidays are only 3 or 4 weeks

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In Australia ­č玭čç║ when I was growing up in primary school (Grades 1-6)we had a 7 week break over the Xmas/New Year period & I found thar break was just too long. I think all year round with shorter terms is more beneficial.
PJ Stein
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That's right your holidays are in the summer down there. By being off that long for those made it easier to spend time with family.
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We have three two-week holidays every ten weeks, and then a 6 week (8 weeks for senior high school) during the Summer.  It's too long.  I think that four or five weeks would be better, so there is time to 'recharge' after the year, but not enough time to get too bored, and then have two eleven week terms.

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I think it is a great idea. The problem around here is they always made it so complicated. They kept putting different schools on different schedules. I think if they kept everyone on the same schedule and spread the school year out with shorter summer vacation, there would be less time to forget what has been learned.

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