How do you think your culture is dying out?


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Goranko Knin answered

In the contemporary world, every culture is dying. The world culture is being created.

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So many structured cultures and lifestyles are compromised , watered down and dying out .. Even simple common sense and manners  has become a dying art. 

We are seeing a predominant rise in destructive behaviour .. we are becoming a self indulgent society where greed and stupidity rule 

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Pepper pot answered

Rarely do people say hello to each other. Rarely do they open doors for each other or say please and thank you.  Communities are failing, people use to pull together and help one another, now with technology and the diversity in cultures moving here, they are becoming less social.

You don't see as many children playing out in the streets, or little girls pushing dollies in prams, or skipping. Coffee shops are taking over, when we were notorious for a cup of tea. Foreign food is becoming the number one diet for the British. Rarely do people display flags or arrange get together's during certain occasions. 

Children are more disrespectful, rude and destructive.  There has been an increase in cannabis use.  People care less about dropping litter, writing graffiti, (in fact graffiti is promoted in line with art), or how clean their areas are.  People don't talk to each other as much any more. Small unique shops, local butchers, grocers, and bakers have been taken over by giant shopping malls. Car size has increased, people size has increased. Less fresh produce, everything has hormones, sugars and GM pumped into it. Schools are becoming academies, and flats are becoming apartments.  Most of our television is American. 

TV is so explicit and in your face, we've swapped our demeanour class, and courtesy for crassness. Reality TV is truly awful.

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