why did Hitler kill jews if he whus 1 himseif?


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Adolf Hitler was NOT a Jew. He was raised and baptized Catholic, which is a Christian denomination.

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Despite the claims, Adolf Hitler was not Jewish.

And if you are interested:

It is true Hitler was born to Catholic parents. His father was reported to be lukewarm in his faith, but his mother was very devout. Adolf Hitler was confirmed in 1904, but did not often attend Mass. The question is not whether Hitler was a Catholic, but whether he practiced the Catholic faith and if his lifestyle accurately represented Catholicism. Clearly, the answer to that question is “no.” 


Hitler's real religious views were "a mixture of materialist biology, a faux-Nietzschean contempt for core, as distinct from secondary, Christian values, and a visceral anti-clericalism." Richard Evans also reiterated the view that Nazism was secular, scientific and anti-religious in outlook in the last volume of his trilogy on Nazi Germany, writing, "Hitler's hostility to Christianity reached new heights, or depths, during the war" citing the 1953 English translation of Hitler's Table Talk 1941–1944.

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