Im writing a narrative and I want to know how to transition straight from day to night w/o going through a cliche routine In my story the characther goes from school then the scene changes and shes going to a party at night?


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Whenever i'm writing and i need to do this, i'm gonna give an example in first person, i usually would say something like; "I'm gonna rest up before the party by listening to some music in bed" Its very generic and you can say it however you'd like and use a different activity.

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You could use the weather as a transition.

~ She needed a coat before stepping out the door into the chilly night air.~

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..... Before she knew it, the day had disappeared and the night came out to play.

..... She reads a text from her friend. It reads "Good luck on your test. I will see you tonight at the party." But that was the last time she would hear from her. At the party, her friend never showed up.

....... School had always been a bore to her. She drifted off into a day dream as she fantasized what that first kiss was gonna be like. Before she knew it, she was there at the party, standing underneath the moon lit sky, stars twinkling above her. He leaned in and gave her a warm kiss. It was tender and sweet. She hoped to savor that moment forever.

....... But her hopes and dreams came to a screeching halt! There in the middle of the biology lab laid the deceased body of her best friend. She recalled the events of the night before. Flashbacks of moments where she faintly heard a cry for help. She didn't think much of it. The hosts of the party were horror flick fanatics! Then she remebered her kiss, the sweet tender first kiss from the man she had secretly loved for four years. And a glimpse of her best friends perfume lingered on his neck. She recognized it but figured she hugged him. Now she knows the truth. Her secret love, her biology teacher, was the killer of her best friend. (He confessed and admitted her best friend caught him with an underage girl and threatened to tell the principal)

...... It took about a year before she could actually sit in class without seeing flash backs of her best friend laying there in the middle of the classroom. But she was getting her life back. She was starting to meet people and enjoy life again. Tonight would be the first night she would attend a party after the traumatic experience in high school. The warm air turned cool, the sun switched with the moon and she was having a beer with her roommate. Her roommate said "girl, I got someone I want you to meet. We have been dating for a month now." And to her horror, in walked him..... Her biology teacher! (He escaped from prison) lol!

....... Okay this is fun but I should press the answer button! Lol!

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Tiger, RefreshMe,
Thank you. It just dawned on me that my sister use to like it when I would write stories. It was something we would do when we were bored on a weekend. LOL! Most of the time she would give me a list of words and I would have to use them in a story I made up. We would laugh and laugh. You two reminded me of a fond memory I had with my sister. Thank you both very much. :0)
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So that's how your talent evolved.
Thanks for the p.m. Read the story this morning.
You have an amazing ability to write.
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RefreshMe your words are dear to me. Thank you kindly my friend. I actually do hope to be published one day. ☺

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