Could someone help me with a css problem? I'm new to web development and have to make a website for school. for some reason my "banner" won't cover 100%. It stays smaller and I don't understand what's the problem.


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Hi. I think we are working on similar projects. I'm eating to create a learning application. It's true that so far I have encountered a little difficulty in development and would like to ask advice from an experienced developer.

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I heard that educational apps are very popular now, because they are used not only by schoolchildren and students, but also by their parents and people who just want to improve their knowledge in some area. So I think it's a great idea to develop. Personally, I've been using different apps to learn Spanish for a long time, but all of these apps have their drawbacks. I would advise developers to read this great article study apps for college to understand their mistakes and make the perfect app.

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One trick that I find helps with CSS editing is to use Firefoxs Firebug plugin. You can inspect the element and edit the CSS in real time to preview the change before you save the modification to the CSS file.

Below I included links to the screenshots I took to help explain the process,

Hope these will give you a good idea of how to use the tool.



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Haven't you thought about contacting a specialized company so it would help you with that? The problem can be even in the old version of your tool because once I learned about the difference in angular 2 vs angular 1 performance, I understood that it's more effective to use a new one, even though you got used to the first version.

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