can somebody tell me the secret to learn and understand chemistry, i never seem to remember it and always end of getting confused, i just want to know how to be a pro at it, do you recommend any basics books or tips?(im an 11th grader)


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Chemistime wasn't my best subject in school. In order to pass I had to force myself to memorize all sorts of formulas and rules. Each person is different. Some find it easier then others. I had a tough time but I managed to pass.

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A lot of times "hands on" works best for learning difficult subjects. Maybe the teacher can spend a couple lunches helping you and a few other class mates some of the more "exciting" chem experiments? I know for me.... I can not tell you what chemicals we used nor the name of my chemistry teacher but I had a BALL changing the color of a penny with my lab partners! I will never forget that penny!

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Also I home school my kids when they hit Jr high so how do I coach a subject that I hate to a student who hates the subject as well???? LOL! History! (((((Yin shudders!!!!))))) Yuck! It already happened so why on earth do we need to learn it! That was my feelings even in high school! So what we ended up doing was find some way of relating to it to our everyday lives. For instance my daughter decided she really liked learning about the past presidents (we just had an election last year) For me, I liked the history of the Romans and Jews cuz I heard about some of those people in the Bible. Things like that. Can you find something you can relate chemistry to in your life right now? :0)
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When I was studying chemistry, everything became a lot easier once I mastered and memorized electron configuration and knew how it related to everything.

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Here's two links that make a lot of sense.  I got an A in college chemistry and these links are basically how I organized my studying---breaking it into individual understandings of concepts that build on one another.

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