hi. i'm writing a story but i need some inspiration for character descriptions. my character is a 12-year old girl. her name is andrea, and she's quite stubborn and rude. if possible : give a very detailed description of how you think she looks?


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because it didn't let me add this on in the question:

i was imagining her to be around 5'2, with brown/curly hair. And chocolate brown eyes. Tan skin tone. She looks a lot like AndreasChoice in my mind.

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I think your description is great!  Since this is your story, your vision is best.  You can fill in visual gaps by describing hair length, posture and body language, quirks or habits, clothing choices, and facial expressions.  Just enjoy a good daydream about her as you mull over ideas.  :)

Don't worry about trying to say everything at once.  Sometimes it's nice to have new images sprinkled throughout the story.

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Play on her thick and expressive eyebrows.  That might be a good starting point.

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It's easier to start with the Concept of the story first . . What era is it? Is it now, Post apocalyptic . . . Anything that would contribute to how a person might look or act . . .

You've basically just said "Describe a girl" . . .

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Sounds like a little bully.

Might get a short blond hair, dress like a boy and always play with boys.  More details may depends on the social and family backgrounds.

A little fantasy... There is a delicate heart beneath her exterior...

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