One boy keeps on picking on me. My school has a pe and athletics class and I’m in pe so everyone makes fun of me. Now he told everyone and makes fun of my acne,height, and weight. I don’t know what to do? Please help.


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Stand tall and talk to the schools teachers or principal

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Why would everyone make fun of you in pe? Are there no other kids in pe? Do they get made fun of? What's the difference in pe and athletic?

Stand up for yourself. Go talk to your pe teacher.

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Hey gal or guy there...

i know sweety/sweetheart , its a hard time dealing with such jerks....ive been me..

and it might also have got you holding your head in your hands with people telling you "stand up for yourself" "fight back" and stuff...but you know that too....what you came here for is a strategy on how to take down that jerk.

Now the first rule on how to deal with jerks is...

MAKE A MOVE. If he comes and tells everyone how much you weight, what your height is, and how many acnes there are on your face , then go STRAIGHT to him ... Tell him "  LISTEN YOU JERK, I MAY WEIGH A LOT I MAY HAVE LOADS OF ACNES ON MY FACE AND I MAY BE AS SMALL AS AN ELF BUT WHAT THE F*** AM I DOING TO YOU HUN?. WHY DONT YOU JUST MIND YOUR OWN F****** BUSINESS AND GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE. ITS MY LIFE AND I CAN LOOK WEIGH AS MUCH AS I WANT SO JUST F*** OFF?

try sure he's only continuing his crappy works cos you dont say anything straight to him in the eyes loudly....

you know there was this one boy in my class too who just wouldnt leave me alone...he was super annoying so one day i just said " F*** OFF " to him straight to his face and he went crazy, he was like " l'll tell this teacher and that teacher" but nothing happened and i felt so good after that , he never troubled me again..and even if he wouldve complained....i wouldve been happy that i said own it....

so heres the deal

either you want it to stop , or you if you do, lift that chin and shut him out...unless you want to get embarrassed and spend all nights without sleep and with tears and eventually...destroy your if you want it to stop DO IT NOW. Period.

or on other note....

i just thought to add this cos i know many people would be angry and furious at this answer......other thing you can do is go to a teacher like your PE teacher or class teacher who ever you believe to be right or tell the principal with your parents but, be honest..none of this would really work and he'd continue like nothing happened and above that it would make you look like a baby who tells everything to teachers and a yeah...your choice...

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I'm sorry, kids are so horrible! Whenever he does it, remind yourself to take deep breaths and remain calm. Ask him why is he bullying you. That will most likely catch him off guard, and he won't know how to answer your question properly. Imagine it. What would he say?This is one way to stand up for yourself: Confront them in a calm and rational way. Emphasize that they are the crazy one. Make them look bad, because they don't think they're doing anything wrong. But soon they will see that they are, and it may discourage them. 

Next step is to ask your PE teacher to keep a close eye him, and tell your teacher what has been happening. Stress to your teacher to keep your report anonymous, and why: It may be fuel for this bully, but is completely necessary. If the teacher can't watch you all the time, at the very least, ask them if you can sit far away from him. If your teacher ignores you, go to your counselor during lunch and tell them exactly what you tried to tell the teacher. Someone will eventually help, but you must take some action. Deep breaths, remain calm.

Lastly think about this if you're feeling bad right now: This will not last forever. I know it's probably hell right now, but KNOW that one day you'll forget about this and it's an event of the past. Keep your head up.

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I would let the principal or teacher know what's going on, no one should be bullied and i know from past experience what it's like to be bullied.

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Drop a few pounds, clear up the acne, change your hairstyle, and become gorgeous by grade 12, than you can tell him that he ain't getting any of this. 

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