Should I see my teacher outside of school? A teacher Im very close to offered me to go to breakfast or dinner with her to get my mind off my life. Do I go? I trust her, but shes like 30 years older than me and I dont know what itll turn into.


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Toni Pauze answered


Do not even think about do this.

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Darik Majoren answered

That is not appropriate.

Now a teacher taking the entire class out, or having the class over in a group to learn how to budget for a meal and prepare one, isn't too bad.

Large groups, and NOT one on one.

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I agree with Tiger and Dark. It is inappropriate even for her to ask. There are way too many perverts out there anymore. The other reason why I say nope is because you are questioning it. "Something" doesn't seem right to you and you need to go with your gut instinct in this situation.

A school friend (someone your own age) could take you out to get your mind off of life for a little while. 

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My brother is a teacher. I can tell you, this is not allowed in our school system. If you are having trouble in your home life, they are suppose to help you connect with your guidance counselor who in turn can help you find organizations that can help you. There was a teacher my brother was friends with who lost his job for not following those guidelines.  If you need a mentor, the Big Brother/Big Sister program is a great one to go through.

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